Find A Small Volume Shred Drop Off Location Near You...

For most individuals, utilizing a ShredDropOff location is the most cost effective way to dispose of confidential information.  However, if you accumulate more than 3 boxes of paper a month on a regular basis, or need to conduct a major clean-out of 20 or more boxes, then contracting directly with a local shredding company may be more efficient and more cost effective. 

Regularly Scheduled Shredding (also called Route Shredding)

If you accumulate confidential material on a regular basis, then a Regularly Scheduled Shredding program may be for you.  While each company is different, most Mobile Shredding companies will give you a secure bin or console to hold your paper until it is ready to be shredded.  On a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-call basis, the company will bring their Mobile Shredding Truck to your site and destroy your confidential material as you watch.  Your confidential material never leaves your site intact, so you can be sure it is never compromised.  Other companies operate plant-based shredding sites, and will take your confidential material to their plant for it to be shredded. 

To search for Shredding Companies in your area that provide these services, visit Document Destruction Companies of America today!

Need To Shred More Than Just A Few Boxes?

You may benefit from an on-site shredding program.  One time clean-outs or regularly scheduled service is available. 

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Need Assistance Destroying Electronics?

Simply recycling your electronics may leave your data intact and recoverable.  Protect yourself by destroying it first. 

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