Find A Small Volume Shred Drop Off Location Near You...

Participate in SHRED DROP OFF LOCATION program by registering all your shred drop off locations..

PRICE: The price is determined by the number of drop off locations you have.

  • $10 per month for one listing
  • $3 per month for the next three listings
  • $1 per month for each additional listing

All paid monthly in advance via credit card.

You can drop out at the end of any billing month with no penalty.  We give you lots of room on your listing to show the information you want shown.  Many who have listings have the goal to show as much information as the customer needs to just drop off the paper to be shredded.  Typical listings include address, hours of operation, minimum costs, link back to your website, phone number etc.   We take care of creating a map to the location. 

NEXT: Fill out the form below to contact us.  Upon hearing from you, you will receive information about how to list your drop off locations.  Or you can call David Murray 800-239-3814 or send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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